The Center


The Center’s primary objective is to provide outreach programs according to the needs of the community, in keeping with and as a witness to our call as Christians to reach out in Christ’s name to our neighbors. In the spirit of Christian love and concern, the Center programs seek to bring Christ into the community, working with and ministering holistically to people.

The Center ministry is diverse, offering such programs as English as a Second Language, Kindergarten, youth work, summer outdoor activities, playground outreach, tutoring, and much more. In addition to a full weekly program and individual caring services for all ages, the Center staff actively shares in the lives of our neighbors and works to develop and rebuild Chinatown.

Through our outreach programs, we instill a sense of Christian ethics and values as a witness in the community.

If you have any questions or are interested in becoming involved in the Center Ministry, please contact our Center Director, Harry Leong (